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Please Note: Shred XP is the latest version of Shredder and works for Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.

Information on Shredder Shredder 95/98/NT

Did you know that deleted files are still  in your hard drive?
Don't let your sensitive files fall into the wrong hands and SHRED them beyond recovery with Shredder95/98/NT.

  • Conforms to Department of Defense specification DOD-5220.22
  • Shreds multiple files, entire filders and directories
  • Free Space and much more!

Shredder95/98/NT is the ultimate software tool for removing sensitive data.  Whether you want to hide an embarrassing letter from a family member, prevent  coworkers' prying eyes, protect valuable corporate trade secrets, or hide  sensitive data from foreign governments (or even worse, uninvited hackers),

Normal deleting of files simply changes the first letter of the filename and calls the file's data 'available?' That's the same as changing the first number  of your home's address, opening the door and calling your home (with all of its possessions left intact) "for sale!" Only when someone else moves in will they  remove some of your things, hopefully, eventually all. That's why data retrieval programs such as Norton Disk Doctor and Norton UnErase are able to recover your  files, because they are still there until, eventually, used up.

If you are worried about any sensitive files falling into the wrong hands  (especially after you *think* you've deleted them?) or if you have sensitive or  valuable data, and you wish to remove it from your hard drive, or diskette, the worst thing you can do is delete it. You need to Shred it with Shredder95/98/NT.
Shredder95/98/NT doesn't just delete the files, it eliminates them, beyond regulation style! Simply drag-and-drop your file(s) onto the shredder (just like the trash can), or open the file for deletion from shredder itself. WARNING! Don't expect to recover your file after Shredding it!!!


ORDER Basic Edition Item # 1651 - $ 29.95

+ Shreds quickly
+ No software recovery of data!
+ Optionally recourses subdirectories.
+ Shreds Free Space (Previously Deleted Files)

ORDER Standard Edition - Item # 3293 - $ 39.95

All of the Basic Edition capabilities PLUS
+ Department of Defense  Standard Compatible DOD-5220
+ The Choice for Government protection
+  Optionally recourses subdirectories.
+ Leaves no evidence or trace of name  or contents of shredded files.

ORDER Professional Edition - Item # 3294 - $49.95

All of the Basic and Standard Editions capabilities PLUS
+ Double the level of shredding security (2 times DOD standards)
+ Goes beyond  Government Standards
+ Removes all trace of the original file (date, time,  size and name)
+ No physical, magnetic recovery of data

Here is how Shredder95/98/NT remove the data from your system!

  • Conforms to Department of Defense specification DOD-5220.22
  • Shredder95/98/NT, the engine, overwrites the file seven (7) times with an  alternating pattern of bits (the smallest form of computer data storage) which not only stops all software programs from retrieving data contents, but also helps to prevent physical magnetic data sensors from retrieving a proper image  of the data. This much is standard government regulation for secure data erasure. Shredder95/98/NT takes it farther than that. Shredder95/98/NT also truncates the file to 0 bytes, renames the file to a randomly generated name,  and then deletes it. This way, nothing can be truly retrieved (name, size, or contents). For all software purposes, It's Gone! And, for overwhelming safety, you can even enable our CRAZY-SHRED option for maximum shredding power.

    Shredder95/98/NT works by not only overwriting the data in a governmentally  regulated way - so that it even frustrates physical magnetic sensors, but also surpasses that technique and removes all other hints or traces of the file. No part of the original file remains, not even its name. (Download it and see how it works!)

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Shredder95/98/NT, the application, works by employing an easy-to-use interface where you can drag-and-drop files & folders, as well as name them  explicitly for Shredder95/98/NT to create a list of files to Shred. (You can also tell Shredder95/98/NT to work in automatic mode, to drag-and-shred, without  listing them first). Options include prompting on error, including  subdirectories, processing read-only files, automatic mode, and password setting.

In a world of open networking and connectivity, Shredder95/98/NT provides an invaluable service of helping to keep sensitive data from falling into the "wrong hands."

And, currently, you have an opportunity to jump in at a vantage point. Not only will you have the ability to use the software, as we continue to grow the software and add capabilities, you will be able to get the revisions free. By purchasing now, you can download and use all revisions from 1.23 to 1.99.

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